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Shae is an Exercise Physiologist (allied health professional) with extensive university training in understanding the human body's response and the physical and mental benefits of exercise.

Shae uses this knowledge to create an individualised, evidence-based clinical exercise intervention for people with a broad range of health issues to improve their functional capacity, movement performance and quality of life.

You can expect:

  • assessment of your functional capacity

  • health education on management strategies for your particular circumstance and lifestyle modifications to improve your health status

  • tailored exercise prescription for strength and function improvement

  • supervised exercise to ensure correct technique with exercise modification as required

  • an individualised exercise program for you to complete at home between appointments. 

During an appointment...



Target core strengthening and overall body toning for injury prevention and management with Pilates rehab principles.

Reformer, cadilac table, wunda chair and mat Pilates are available.



Local pools can be accessed for your appointment.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for the management of many health conditions and is a fun way to move your body with reduced pain!

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